Good set of reclaimed teak furniture

The 5 Ways Reclaimed Teak Furnishings Will Turn Heads In The Right Way

Reclaimed teak is certainly a unique and mysterious material, it’s popularity is skyrocketing with every passing year and it has been the material of choice for some very strange pastimes – for some very strong reasons. Prominently utilised and favoured by carpenters and designers alike for outdoor settings, reclaimed teak has the caveats that all alternative woods wished they had which is why the price isn’t so much exorbitant as an investment opportunity.

For anyone looking to move to a new location or even sprucing up their own interior or exterior space – the incorporation and consideration of a good set of reclaimed teak furnishings should certainly be on the cards. Not only will you be acquiring quality and assurance, but you’ll also likely have a story to tell which will entrance your guests, how you ask? Well let’s explore the ways.

1.   A Story In The Wood

One of the key points surrounding reclaimed teak is in the title. The repurposed material lasts a long time and was infamously used in ancient shipbuilding due to its unique and inherently durable properties. With supplies shortening of naturally occurring wood, the trend has been with reclaimed teak and the repurposing of these original cuts to create furnishings and other household items.

Imagine that, sitting at a dinner party at your home and remarking that the table your guests are sat on was once a pioneering vessel on the seas, and still retains a natural beauty and aesthetic that appears brand new. Reclaimed teak is certainly a marvel in this respect and you could even consider it green for the recycling nature of the material.

2.   Ridiculously Strong

Whether it be freshly cut or repurposed, the wood is immensely durable and strong. It has the natural tensile strength that most furniture builders only dream of when considering weight distribution and support potential. Reclaimed teak has this reputation as being the strongest on the market, and it has credence to support it. It’s remarkably and naturally strong which will have some assurances for the quality over the long term.

3.   Beautiful Aesthetic With Minimal Effort

This is one of the key buying points for anything made from reclaimed teak. The natural superiority it holds is present even in the oils themselves, giving a natural preservation that requires less effort to maintain. This comes to fruition with outdoor examples of the wood especially, with exposure to extreme weather doing very little by ways of damage, and the excess of naturally rich oils providing a natural hue that lasts longer without the need for revarnishing.

4.   Naturally Resistant

Who enjoys pests in the garden really? Reclaimed teak has yet another natural superior addendum to add to its already stellar repertoire – it naturally keeps common pests like termites at bay which is music to any wood-owners ears. Not only this, it is remarkably resistant to rot, which is why it was used so heavily in shipbuilding. The natural varnish is also a sight to behold, we really can’t get enough of reclaimed teak.

5.   Infinitely Versatile

If there’s a final word to have on the remarkable wood, it’s versatility is out of this world. Craftspeople will attest to the durability, the natural oils, the longevity and the story all day, but the sheer range of uses reclaimed teak has is also something to behold. From doors to desks, chairs and loungers. The wood is a remarkable feat of natural beauty and will complement any space that’s lucky enough to house it.

So what are you waiting for? Go find a supplier today!

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