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Going to the doctor isn’t something that is on everyone’s agenda every single day, and finding one that will work with you even outside of working hours can prove to be quite a pain. Knowing where to look, the reasons that you might need a Brisbane after hours doctor, and how you can get your own can be incredibly useful and lifesaving information. Here are a few reasons that you might need the services of a Brisbane after hours doctor.

Embarrassing Injury

Everybody has those moments where they get an injury and aren’t sure how the public would react to the injury. All doctors have to sign a non-disclosure agreement with every single one of their clients, but that doesn’t always mean that other clients won’t see you sitting there with your injury. If your injury isn’t severe enough to require immediate medical attention and you are embarrassed about it, then going to see a Brisbane after hours doctor might be your best option. These doctors won’t be as busy, as the times that they work aren’t in typical doctor hours, and you won’t have to sit in front of a crowd of people with your embarrassing injury.

Hurt on a night out

Being drunk and having fun with the buds is a very common late night activity, but it can be quite deadly if you aren’t careful. Many times during our adult life, we injure ourselves while being out on the town, sometimes at the point of blacking out while drunk. These types of injuries, if not treated immediately, could be deadly. Or if the injury is minor, but requires some treatment, waiting until morning might not be the best idea, since you run the very high risk of not remembering that you were injured and you could need much more medical assistance if it goes untreated. Brisbane after hours doctors will be more than happy to see you, and make sure your drinking injury is just a stupid drunk mistake, and not the mistake that costs you your life.

You have an unconventional schedule

Brisbane after hours doctor treating a patient

Some people, particularly night shift workers, have a very difficult and hard to manage schedule, at least compared to the people that have a normal nine-to-five job with weekends off. Normally, doctors offices are based around those that have a normal and predictable schedule, but if you don’t have that kind of schedule, then it might take a lot longer to set up a doctor’s appointment, or you might sleep through those doctors appointments. A Brisbane after hours doctor will be able to help you with having that hard schedule and be more likely to meet with you at weird times of the night.

Can a Brisbane After Hours Doctor do Everything Other Doctors Can?

Brisbane after hours doctors are really no different from a normal doctor or physician. However, they might not have access to the resources that your normal doctor might have access to, and they certainly don’t have the same kind of manpower that a standard doctor might have. Because of this, it isn’t best to solely rely on their treatments for everything, and regular check-ups with your GP are recommended. Brisbane after hours doctors work great, especially when you are in a pinch, can’t rely on anyone else or have an emergency, but simply due to the limited amount of tools available to an after hours doctor, they can’t be the only doctor that you rely on. Relying on multiple doctors isn’t a bad thing, and it is often encouraged to get multiple medical opinions.…

telehealth chiro treating a patient

For many people in Australia, they are currently going through a period in time that is unlike no other. Not only are people fearing that they are going to get a virus or that someone in their household is going to get sick but people are also losing their jobs or are earning less overall because of restrictions that are currently in place. And depending on where someone is currently living, these restrictions will be more strict based on the number of people in that area who have the virus.

And with each set of restrictions, people will have to get used to a new way of living and will need to try to be as happy and healthy as they can currently be under the circumstances. And this can prove to be difficult for those who are already experiencing a pre-existing condition that they need to receive treatment from a good telehealth chiro or any other specialist. As there are some people out there who may be confused about what the current laws are surrounding this, this post will look at some examples of when people should be seeing someone in person instead of a telehealth chiro when in stage 4 lockdown.


One example of when people should be seeing someone in person instead of a telehealth chiro when in stage 4 lockdown is when they would otherwise have to go to the hospital

For those out there who are in this position and who are feeling a bit confused about what the laws are and how they apply to them, one example of when people should be seeing someone in person instead of a telehealth chiro when in stage 4 lockdown is when they would otherwise have to go to the hospital. One of the reasons why citizens are asked to stay at home at the moment is because the more people that get sick, the more people will be in the hospital and the more resources will be used. So, in an attempt to prevent this from happening, people have been asked to stay at home until the numbers get down or until there is a vaccine.

So it doesn’t make much sense if lockdown is actually causing people to have to go to the hospital because they otherwise would have visited their allied health professional.


Another example of when people should be seeing someone in person instead of a telehealth chiro when in stage 4 lockdown is if it is an emergency

While this is along the same vein, another example of when people should be seeing someone in person instead of a telehealth chiro when in stage 4 lockdown is if it is an emergency. For example, someone may have taken a step down that they did not know that was there and then jarred their back in the process and they are not able to work unless they get treatment. Another person may have hurt themselves at work and will need to very quickly take care of the issue.

Whatever the case may be, people sometimes cannot delay receiving crucial treatment no matter what is going on in the world. As can be seen, there is a couple of example of when it may be appropriate for someone to go and see an allied health professional in person. But if people are experiencing any virus related symptoms, then it is very important for them to stay home no matter what. And if we can all work together like this, then we can get through.…