Bottle feeding- All what you should know!

If you have just become a mother, all kinds of things will come to you. One of the many things to think about is whether to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby. Are you already bottle-feeding your baby, or do you want to switch from breast-feeding to bottle-feeding? You may wonder how much formula your baby needs, how to prepare formula or how to take it with you on the go. Don’t worry: in this article you will get answers to all your questions about bottle feeding.

How can you best prepare formula?

Bottle feeding is best prepared just before consumption. Follow the steps below when preparing the formula:

  1. Wash your hands and make sure the bottle and teat are clean.
  2. Boil water and let it cool to a lukewarm temperature (37 ° C).
  3. Pour the prescribed amount of water into the bottle.
  4. Sprinkle the number of level scoops of formula into the bottle with the measuring spoon.
  5. Twist the cap on the feeding bottle and shake it for about thirty seconds until the powder is dissolved.
  6. Check whether the temperature of the milk is good. Tip : put some nutrition on the inside of your wrist. If it doesn’t feel hot or too cold, then the temperature is right.
  7. Then give your baby the bottle.

How Much Formula Do Babies Need?

One child is not the other. It is therefore different for each child what he or she needs in terms of nutrition. To determine how much formula your baby needs, you can use the following guideline:

  • Weigh your baby and record his or her body weight in kilograms.
  • Multiply the number of kilos by 150 milliliters of (bottle) food.
  • This is (an estimate of) your baby’s daily nutritional needs.

Note : this is a guideline. Does your child indicate that it needs more or less nutrition? Then listen to this.

Do you have to boil water for the preparation of formula?

Always use boiled (cooled) tap water or boiled (cooled) spring or mineral water to prepare formula. Follow-on milk can be prepared directly with hot (or cold) water from the tap, if it is drunk immediately afterwards.

How come the formula does not dissolve properly?

If the water is too cold or too warm, the formula will dissolve less well. Therefore, make sure that the water has the correct temperature (37 ° C) when you add the powder.

Why should formula not be prepared in advance?

In the Netherlands, bottle feeding manufacturers advise not to prepare bottle feeding in advance. If you prepare formula in advance, there is a chance that bacteria will multiply in the food. This can make your baby sick. Follow-on milk is also best prepared just before consumption.

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